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Flooring Renovation

Things to Consider for Flooring Renovation

Thursday, December 3, 2018

Are you thinking about redoing the flooring in your home? A flooring renovation has the potential to give your home a facelift, revitalizing the look and feel of a room. Today’s flooring features exciting options from classic hardwood to radiant heated tile, meaning that there are stylish and affordable options for every renovation plan.

It’s a great idea to browse options before jumping into a flooring renovation. Get a sense of what is available and what would be the right fit for your home. Here’s what you should know about some of the top options available:


Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors are usually the first option people consider for flooring. Wood is versatile, attractive and can last for years if properly cared for. Hardwood flooring brings organic warmth and glow into a space.

Hardwood flooring is an investment but you can bring costs down by using reclaimed wood. Other options like high-end long-lasting laminate and bamboo offer a similar look to hardwood at a reduced cost.

One thing to consider with wood floors is that wood has the potential to warp if exposed to moisture. If you live in a humid climate or are considering hardwood floors in a kitchen or bath, make sure the wood is properly sealed and avoid wide planks which have more potential to warp over time.


Long-Lasting Laminate

High-end laminate can deliver a realistic wood or stone look at just a fraction of the cost. New laminates are scratch and fade resistant and are built to last. Laminates are also able to resist moisture warping and wipe clean easily which makes them a good option for busy parts of the home.

If you are thinking of wood flooring in your kitchen or bath, but are worried about moisture damage and staining, laminate flooring may be the solution you are looking for. The plethora of styles means there’s a laminate match for any home decor.


Bamboo Flooring

In the past few decades, bamboo flooring has emerged as a stylish and ecologically sustainable flooring option. Bamboo wood is fast growing and easily renewable making it more affordable than hardwood options while bringing the look and feel of real wood to a room.

With a variety of sizes and stains, bamboo has a sleek and modern look and a pliant, springy feel making it easy to do stand on. Like hardwoods, however, it is vulnerable to moisture damage and warping.


Tile Floors

Tile flooring offers a huge range of options and the potential for a lot of creativity. Ceramic or concrete tiles can offer a splash of color or a sleek industrial look. Tiles are easy to clean and are a great option in rooms with a lot of moisture -like bathrooms. They can also help keep a room cool in summer’s heat.

Tile does have grout that needs to be maintained with periodic sealing. Additionally, it is a smart idea to buy a stash of extra tiles for your project in the event a tile cracks and needs to be replaced in the future.


Stone Floors

Stone floors are another long-lasting flooring choice that adds sophistication to a space. With a wide variety of finishes, stone brings a timeless style into your home. Stone, like tile, can be used to cool a room that gets hot in warm weather. Additionally, stone floors can be part of an efficient home heating plan by installing radiant heat that warms your floor -and your whole house- in cold weather.

When shopping for stone floors, you need to consider some of the similar issues to installing tile. Batches of stone will be unique in their look and coloration, so be sure to purchase extra to make sure you can maintain the consistency of your floor, even if a minor repair happens down the line.


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