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Tips for Cold Weather Maintenance and Safety

With cold weather blowing in, it’s time to get ready for cold weather home maintenance. There’s plenty for homeowners to think about when it comes to keeping your home in good shape to withstand winter weather. A little preparation will help make sure your home stays warm and dry all season long.
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Things to Consider for Flooring Renovation

Are you thinking about redoing the flooring in your home? A flooring renovation has the potential to give your home a facelift, revitalizing the look and feel of a room. Today’s flooring features exciting options from classic hardwood to radiant heated tile, meaning that there are stylish and affordable options for every renovation plan...  Read More
Timeless Color Pairings for Your Kitchen
While painting your kitchen millennial pink may have seemed good in the moment, the novelty is beginning to wear off. Instead of getting caught up in fads or trends that are destined to fizzle out and date your space, turn to the tried-and-true color combinations that have stood the test of time... Read More


Tips for Water Damage Restoration & Clean Up
Heavy rainfall becoming a regular occurrence throughout the Midwest, it’s important to have a flood and water plan for your home. Water can do massive damage to your house and cleaning up after flooding is a serious affair. When floods hit, many things need to happen fast – and some things will need to take some time... Read More